Emergency Dental Service in Temecula, CA

Dental mishaps happen, often catching us off guard. And when they do, it's good to know there's an emergency dentist near you that’s open, ready, and equipped to save the day. Come to Posh Dental and get the help you need from our skilled dentist, Dr. Joshua Lange. With expertise, experience, and an exceptionally calming bedside manner, Dr. Lange is the one to call when dental emergencies strike.

We've Got You Covered for These Emergencies:

Loose Bridges: Because sometimes bridges need extra help.

Loose Crowns: If your crown is no longer secure, we'll help put it back in its rightful place.

Loose Fillings: Keeping fillings intact can help protect your tooth from further damage!

Broken or Chipped Teeth: Accidents happen. We’ll restore your tooth and your confidence.

Soft Tissue Damage and Gum Bleeding: It sounds scarier than it is. We’ll have you sorted in no time.

Loose or Knocked-Out Teeth: Quick action can save a tooth. Don’t wait, get in touch!

Tooth Abscesses: Those painful infections are best tackled right away.

Toothaches: From mild to “I can’t think straight,” we handle all intensities.

Cracked Teeth: These can be as small as hairline cracks or more.

Emergencies shouldn’t be ignored; loose or painful teeth can interfere with daily life, speaking, and eating. Call us as soon as possible so we can help get your smile back on track. We are here for your urgent dental care needs.

Pricing and Insurance

Let’s address the elephant in the room: emergency dental care can often be pricey. But at Posh Dental, we’ve made it our mission to ensure your teeth (and your wallet) feel well taken care of.

Got Insurance? Great: If you have insurance, we’ll help you navigate the nitty-gritty details to ensure maximum coverage for your emergency care.

No Insurance? No Stress: For those flying solo without insurance, you'll appreciate our transparent and fair pricing. Plus, we offer flexible payment options tailored for just such emergencies. We believe urgent dental care shouldn’t be a luxury.

Have a Dental Emergency? Give Us a Call Now!

Here’s the thing: dental emergencies wait for no one. Whether you’ve bitten into an apple only to pull away with a cracked tooth or you’ve woken up to an inexplicable toothache that’s testing your pain threshold, we’re here. We’ll do our best to provide same-day appointments to ensure you don't have to bear the discomfort longer than necessary.

Having a dental crisis? Call (951) 695-2222 and let Dr. Joshua Lange and the Posh Dental team swing into action. Remember, when in doubt, reach out! Your teeth will thank you for it.


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