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Hey, Temecula residents! Looking for a welcoming dental office where skill meets comfort? Say hello to Posh Dental! Led by the ever-dedicated Dr. Joshua Lange, our practice has become a cornerstone for impeccable dental care in the community. From toddlers to grandparents, everyone can have a comfortable dental experience.

Affordable Family and General Dental Services

Whoever said quality dental care costs an arm and a leg didn't know about Posh Dental. We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch, affordable services for the whole family. Whether it’s your toddler’s first check-up, your teen's braces, or grandpa's dentures, our general practice is equipped to provide comprehensive care without the hefty price tag.

Comfortable Dental Experience

Dentist visits can be daunting (yes, we've read those reviews too!), but at Posh Dental, we aim to change that narrative. Your comfort is our top priority. Our office is filled with friendly faces, and a dentist in Dr. Lange who listens, understands, and genuinely cares. Yep, that's the Posh Dental experience in a nutshell. We're reinventing the way you perceive dental visits.

Our Wide Range of Services

At Posh Dental, we don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. A glimpse at what we offer:

Crowns & Bridges: Crafting perfection for damaged or missing teeth.

Cleanings & Exams: The preventive care that keeps dental woes at bay.

Cosmetic Dentistry: For those days when you want your smile to dazzle a bit extra.

Dentures: Bringing back the charm of complete and functional smiles.

Root Canals: We promise, it’s not as scary as it sounds!

Emergency Dentistry: Because some dental issues just can't wait.

Extractions: Done with precision and utmost care.

...And So Much More: This is just the tip of the iceberg. Dive into our world of holistic dental care to discover more.

Pricing and Insurance

We get it. Dental care costs can be a concern. But guess what? We’ve got solutions.

Affordable Doesn’t Mean Compromise: Our treatments are competitively priced. And no, we don’t compromise on quality.

Got Insurance? Great! Our team's here to ensure you make the most out of it. From claims to clarifications, we're with you at every step.

No Insurance, No Problem: If you don’t have dental insurance, don’t worry. We’ve curated flexible payment options that ensure quality dental care doesn’t break the bank.

Call Us Today to Schedule an Appointment

Ready to embark on a dental journey where care meets expertise? Your best dental experience is just a call away. Get in touch at (951) 695-2222. Let Dr. Joshua Lange and the Posh Dental team redefine what top-tier, affordable family dental care means to you. See you soon!


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