Sleep Dentistry in Temecula, CA

Dental treatment can be an anxiety-inducing process for many people, especially those with needle phobia or sensitive gag reflexes. Thankfully, sleep dentistry allows patients to undergo dental procedures while feeling comfortable and at ease.

Sleep or sedation dentistry allows the patient to be put under a “conscious” form of sedation, remaining awake and able to respond to the dentist’s instructions. This type of sedation is commonly recommended for patients who fear visiting the dental office or getting dental treatments and can be administered in various forms.

At Joshua Lange DDS, we also recommend sleep dentistry to patients who require more extensive work, such as multiple fillings, crowns, bridges, root canals, or gum surgery. Performing dental procedures under sedation is also highly recommended for patients needing invasive treatments, as it can help ease their fears and anxiety. While sedated, the patient is still awake and can respond to their dentist if necessary. Patients will be closely monitored throughout the procedure to remain safe and relaxed.

How Does Sleep Dentistry Work?

The most common type of sedation used in dentistry is nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas. This sedation method is ideal for patients who need just a little help relaxing during a procedure but do not need to be put to sleep. Nitrous oxide is administered through a mask placed over the nose and mouth. The gas helps you feel calm while allowing you to remain awake during the procedure. After the procedure, the mask is removed, and you can resume your normal activities immediately.

Oral sedation is another common form of sedation used for procedures like root canals and dental crowns. This method uses medication to help you relax throughout the procedure. You will remain awake but feel sleepy and relaxed.

IV sedation is the deepest level of sedation available. This type of sedation helps even the most anxious patients feel at ease during treatment. It is also a good option for people with severe medical conditions who cannot tolerate other types of sedation. Patients who receive IV sedation do not remember any part of the treatment because it is so deep.

The Benefits of Sleep Dentistry

One of the main benefits of sedation or sleep dentistry is that it helps patients feel completely relaxed during their procedures. As a result, they are more likely to relax and sit still while the dentist works, making the process easier for both the patient and the dentist.

Another benefit of choosing sedation is that it can allow you to undergo longer, more complex treatments in one appointment. This means you may save time by not having to make multiple visits to complete your treatment. This can help decrease your stress levels significantly since you will not have to worry about making several trips to the office over a long time.

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